Learn how the SundSEAL Gearbox Output Seal Upgrade improves reliability for Sundyne Integrally Geared Pumps and Compressors

SundSEAL Gearbox Output Seals are specifically designed for use with Sundyne integrally geared pumps and compressors.

Manufactured from proprietary materials, SundSEAL minimizes leakage, increases MTBR, and are the industry’s most durable seal available.

More than three years of research & development - and more than 20,000 hours of combined factory & lab testing went into the SundSEAL design. Sundyne’s engineers have created a new port design for optimal drainage and pressure management around the SundSEAL contact face. The lower gearbox housing now features three additional passage ways that connect the oil sump area to the SundSEAL. This extra routing improves the seal’s ability to control oil leakage by reducing seal face separation force.

With its reverse pressure capability, the SundSEAL offers a competitive advantage over existing face lift-off seals. Each SundSEAL creates a barrier between the process seals and the gearbox interior that is strong enough to withstand pressure up to 275 PSI, providing protection and reliability by keeping process fluid out of the gearbox.

SundSEALs comes with a straightforward retrofit capability, offering a quick & easy upgrade for existing units.

Operators can count on SundSEALs for their most challenging applications.

To download the latest SundSEAL Brochure, please click here.

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