A New Sunflo P-3000 Pump Option Eliminates the Water-Cooled Heat Exchanger and Uses Airflow from the Motor Fan to Cool the Pump.

Sundyne engineers were presented with the challenge of designing a cooling solution for a Sunflo Pump located in a portion of a power plant in Western Texas where water was not available. Sunflo Pumps traditionally utilize water-cooled heat exchangers to cool the pump gearbox oil. The engineers’ ingenuity led them to the new Sunflo P3000 Air Cooled option. It utilizes the motor fan to pull air from the environment through an adequately sized radiator to efficiently cool the gearbox oil. To make sure the motor operates reliably, Sundyne couples the pump to a motor with higher insulation rating.

Besides not requiring a water-cooled heat exchanger, an added benefit of this design is a reduced footprint and simplified maintenance. A component that typically requires monitoring & maintenance is eliminated.

This option offers a simple, yet elegant solution to a common problem found in upstream production (for LACT or Brine injection applications), or for any other applications where water is scarce or unavailable and it is impossible to use water-cooled heat exchangers.
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