Sundyne’s proven & reliable Bearing Box offers a wide range of improvements for any customer…

1.    …with a direct drive unit that wants to use a standard motor

2.    …with a bearing box that wants to change lubrication system

3.    …or any customer that is damaging motors on a regular basis.


If any of these scenarios describe your situation, then contact Sundyne today to learn more about the latest conversion.

The Benefits of the LMV-80X Bearing Box

The Bearing Box options for LMV-80X pumps incorporate several new features that increase reliability and improve API 610/ISO 13709 compliance. The bearing box simplifies maintenance and repair of LMV-80X machines, while also allowing for the use of standard motors – which reduces inventory/stocking requirements and streamlines maintenance.

Key Benefits of LMV-80X Bearing Box:

  • Allows for the use of standard motors – updated coupling housing is IEC & NEMA compatible).
  • Improves protection of motor from process liquids.
  • Eliminates the need for the motor to support thrust bearings – contained in the bearing box.
  • Simple, robust design: simplifies assembly & maintenance.
  • Simplified maintenance & repair – the new bearing box allows for easier access to seals.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • API 610 compliant L10 bearing life – deep groove ball bearing with no filling slot.
  • Lip seal replaced with labyrinth type bearing isolator – providing superior protection against bearing contamination.
  • Bearing retention method updated to a positive locking device – meeting API/ISO requirements.
  • Upper position bearing updated to single row ball bearing, installed back-to-back.
  • Thrust bearing retention uses a nut with a tongue type lock washer – meeting API/ISO requirements.
  • Dimpled bearing housing facilitates consistent vibration measurements.

Who should inquire today?

  • End users with LMV-80X machines with a bearing box that was built prior to 2008 will see significant improvements by converting to the new design.
  • End users with LMV-80X machines that don’t have a bearing box – will gain better reliability and easier maintenance by converting their existing configuration to include the new bearing box.
  • End users that are unhappy with non-standard motors will be able to use standard motor designs once they upgrade to the new bearing box.

Contact Sundyne Today, to learn more about the LMV-80X Bearing Box Conversion:

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