Process Condition Change Conversions

Sundyne pumps and compressors are engineered to fit customers’ specific processes and operating conditions. As process conditions change, equipment must adapt to ensure optimal production levels. Such changes can lead to a significant variance between the “as-built” specs and the current operating conditions. As a solution, Sundyne’s engineering and Aftermarket teams are standing by to help customers & channel partners update & convert machines in the field – to ensure that they are still operating at BEP.


Customer Benefits resulting from Sundyne Process Condition Change Conversions:

  • Productivity  quick & cost effective way to ensure that productivity is not hindered by sluggish equipment.
  • Efficiency  Optimize each process by properly sizing each unit.
  • Flexibility  Engineered solution gives customers peace of mind that machines can be easily optimized to address changing process conditions.
  • Budget allocation – can come from maintenance budget, rather than CAPEX.
  • Timeliness – Upgrades are much faster than delivering new units.
  • Reliability  All conversions/rerates come standard with upgraded component parts.


Who Should Upgrade?   

  • Machines not meeting site MTBF requirements may need to be re-sized based on changes to operating conditions.
  • Plant turnarounds – enable the perfect time to debottleneck.
  • Customers needing to run 2 units in parallel to achieve required flow – could convert to one properly sized unit with a standby unit.
  • LMC-311P models in regen gas compression – this is a common process condition change conversion as customers either have too much Mole Sieve in their beds or want more throughput.


Process condition change conversions are custom, engineered solutions that are derived from the needs of the customer.


The first step in the process is to schedule a needs-based assessment – that enables Sundyne’s team to talk with a plant’s reliability, maintenance & process engineers to understand what the needs, goals and current issues are.  The result of each needs-based assessment is a tailored solution that is specifically designed to meet each customer’s expectations.

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