Sundyne Compressors are Engineered, Manufactured & Thoroughly Tested in Arvada or Dijon to Provide Turn-key Performance that meets all Expectations
Extensive testing capabilities facilitate the industry’s most comprehensive unit tests for critical packages where on-site installations do not allow for any uncertainties during site commissioning

Sundyne’s Arvada and Dijon testing facilities leverage the combined expertise of the company’s engineering, manufacturing and testing departments. Skilled experts from each group work together to run tests on compressor and pump packages that mimic the exact manner in which they will operate once deployed at an end-user’s site.

The goal of Sundyne’s packaging & testing services is to provide customers with a supreme level of confidence, and also to increase a customer’s time & cost savings, by avoiding lengthy adjustments on-site during commissioning.

Sundyne’s customers include many of the world’s largest refineries, petrochemical manufacturers & power plants. They depend on Sundyne equipment for critical applications that run on a 24X7 basis – so there can be no surprises or uncertainties when it comes to how Sundyne’s pumps & compressors will operate once deployed in these environments.

Sundyne’s packaging & testing services, combined with full support and one-stop communication give customers peace-of-mind that Sundyne equipment will meet their needs and function precisely as expected once it is installed.

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