Sundyne Offers Customers a Wider Range of Testing Services for
Pumps & Compressors Prior to Installation

Newly Expanded Test Center in Dijon France enables Sundyne to conduct Complete Unit Test for critical packages where the remote installation or critical application does not allow for any uncertainty during Site Commissioning

Sundyne is pleased to announce that it has expanded its testing facility in Dijon, France, and is dedicating an additional 1200 m2 in the facility to offer customers a wider range of pump & compressor tests prior to deployment.

This expanded testing facility will now be able to offer new testing capabilities for large machines.  An additional 11 kV electrical supply has been installed with a Variable Frequency Drive to start-up and run any kind of AC Motor - from 11kV to low voltage, thanks to intermediate voltage transformers.
The facility leverages the combined expertise of Sundyne’s engineering, manufacturing and testing departments.  Skilled experts from each group are working together to run tests on compressors and pump packages that mimic the exact manner in which they will operate once deployed at an end-user’s site. 
Testing includes:
  • job motor
  • job auxiliaries
  • job control systems
  • job process equipment.

Such a complete test package not only brings peace-of-mind to customers, but it also increases economical savings and time savings by helping customers avoid lengthy & expensive adjustments on site during commissioning.

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