The Advantages of Using Sealless Pumps for Electric Vehicle Production
More than 7 million electric vehicles travel the world’s roads each day. A third of these vehicles (more than 2.2 million) were produced last year alone – and every EV manufacturer is forecasting exponential growth for the years ahead. Each vehicle requires Lithium Ion battery cells, and each cell is made with chemical polymers that are highly aggressive and corrosive to pumps.

ANSIMAG pumps have found a new niche, due to their ability to safely handle slurry mixtures of polyvinylidine fluoride (PVDF) and N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP). These chemicals are pumped in proprietary mixtures, to make surface coatings that enable the electrodes to generate voltage & current.

Chemicals like NMP are highly corrosive, toxic, flammable and destructive to non-ETFE-lined pumps. Leaks that result in the slightest exposure can irritate eyes & skin, and also cause dizziness to plant staff. Sealless pumps like ANSIMAG offer a perfect fit for these applications, for the following reasons:

  • No Leaks – Sealless ANSIMAG pumps eliminate the seal and associated support system, providing a reliable and leak-free solution for handling chemicals like NMP.
  • ReliabilityANSIMAG’s parts are molded ETFE components that are specifically designed to handle a wide range of chemicals and solvents (up to 250°F/121°C) without issue.
  • Durability – ANSIMAG’s fully encapsulated Magnetic Drive hermetically seals the inner magnets to isolate them from the process fluid and maintain unprecedented magnet integrity. A Kevlar-fiber reinforced vinyl ester shell protects the inside of the pump, and a secondary stainless steel layer provides additional durability.
  • Simple Maintenance - with no seals and no seal support systems, ANSIMAG pumps offer much longer MTBM intervals, which significantly reduces maintenance.Routine maintenance can be performed without the need for special tools or training.
  • Energy Efficiency – ANSIMAG pumps are more energy-efficient than mechanically sealed pumps. Features like CFR-ETFE lined rear casings minimize heat generation through zero hysteresis losses during operation, which enables smaller motors to be specified without sacrificing performance.
Additional details on why the EV manufacturer chose ANSIMAG are in the attached story.
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