Sundyne Expands the Gearbox Exchange Program

When gearbox maintenance requires more than a simple seal change, the Sundyne Gearbox Exchange Program is an option many Maintenance Engineers prefer.

The newly expanded program provides greater financial incentives (up to $10,000 USD in most cases) for returning old gearboxes, while also offering a fast & convenient alternative that enables plants to deploy maintenance resources elsewhere, where they are most needed.  
Who Should Consider a Gearbox Exchange?
  • Any Sundyne unit scheduled for overhaul
  • Facilities with limited or newly developing maintenance staff
  • Facilities looking to dramatically reduce maintenance inventory and planning.
  • Any gearbox repairs beyond a simple seal change.
The Benefits of the Gearbox Exchange Include:
  • Reduced Inventory Requirements
  • Better Use of Maintenance Resources Saves Time
  • MRO Savings
  • Fast & Easy, Bolt on Upgrade
  • Optional Gearbox Re-Rate to Optimize Performance
  • Convenient, Streamlined Maintenance Option
  • Extended Warranty 

How does the program work?
Exchange Today, and Save:  
The Gearbox Exchange Program can be applied to any Sundyne LMV, LMC, BMP or BMC gearbox and may be eligible for the 33XN Gearbox Upgrade. Once your request is received, Sundyne will ship the gearbox while the old unit is returned for credit. 
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