Exchange Your Existing Sundyne Gearbox!
Restore your Sundyne Pump or Compressor to Orginal Factory Specifications
The Sundyne Gearbox Exchange Program offers end users a chance to return their Sundyne LMV, LMC, BMP or BMC gearbox to original factory performance specifications. The exchange is quick and cost effective while providing the many benefits of a factory built Sundyne gearbox. Once a customer puts in a request, Sundyne will ship the gearbox while the old unit is returned for a rebate. This convenient exchange process simplifies maintenance practices.
 To receive a quote and experience the convenience of the Sundyne Exchange Gearbox program, please complete this quick inquiry form.

Key Benefits of Gearbox Exchange:
  • New or factory refurbished unit provided with partial rebate credit for returned old unit.
  • Significant savings compared to a gearbox purchase alone.
  • Includes most recent technology, parts, and metallurgies (seals, filters, lubrication, etc.)
  • Comes with the easily maintained reverse pressure resistent SundSEAL 
  • Improved reliability and extended operating life.
  • Reduced noise and vibration levels.
  • Easy and quick change in maintenance workshop (plug-in concept).
  • Streamline parts inventory and logistics.
  • Spend less time Analyzing, Maintaining, and Repairing your gearbox
Gearboxes received through the Exchange Program include a 12-month warranty from start-up, or 18 months from shipment. Note that normal delivery lead-time is 2 weeks for standard gearboxes with standard paint. Expedite and emergency delivery options available.
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