Sundyne Increases Gearbox Exchange Program Credit for Customers in Asia

We’re proud to announce an expansion to the Sundyne Gearbox Exchange Program for customers in Asia. This exchange program has been popular in the United States and Europe for years, and now the full program (with commensurate rebates) are available throughout Asia.

The Sundyne Gearbox Exchange Program offers end users a chance to return their Sundyne LMV, LMC, BMP or BMC gearbox to original factory performance specifications. The exchange is quick and cost effective while providing many benefits of a factory built Sundyne gearbox. This convenient exchange process simplifies maintenance practices, and it offers a convenient short-cut that saves time and labor.

Once a customer puts in a request, Sundyne will ship the gearbox while the old unit is returned for a rebate.

  • Delivery times for customers in Asia have been reduced from weeks to days, due to Sundyne’s expanded footprint in Singapore;
  • Customer credits for turning in an existing Sundyne gearbox have been increased in most cases up to $5,000 for LMV 32X and $10,000 for LMV 31X gearboxes.

Key Benefits of a Gearbox Exchange:

  • New or factory refurbished unit provided with partial rebate credit for returned old unit.
  • Significant savings compared to a gearbox purchase alone.
  • Includes most recent technology, parts, and metallurgies (seals, filters, lubrication, etc.)
  • Comes with the easily maintained reverse pressure resistant SundSEAL
  • Improved reliability and extended operating life.
  • Reduced noise and vibration levels.
  • Quick & easy change in maintenance workshop (plug-in concept).
  • Streamline parts inventory and logistics.
  • Spend less time Analyzing, Maintaining, and Repairing your gearbox

Gearboxes received through the Exchange Program include a 12-month warranty from start-up, or 18 months from shipment. Note that normal delivery lead-time is 2 weeks for standard gearboxes with standard paint. Expedite and emergency delivery options available.

The Exchange Program Provides Significant Savings Compared to Purchasing a New Gearbox.

The gearboxes operating in Sundyne pumps and compressors are designed and built to last for decades. Thousands of units have been operating in refineries, chemical plants and other industrial plants for decades, and many are approaching the point where they would benefit from an overhaul. This exchange program helps customers skip the hassles of in-house repairs by simply exchanging their gearbox for a factory-made, upgraded replacement that features all new parts and an extended warranty.

To receive a quote and experience the convenience of the Sundyne Exchange Gearbox program, please complete this quick inquiry form

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