Increasing Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Has Never Been Easier


Sundyne’s dedicated Engineering & Aftermarket experts help customers & channel partners identify machines that aren’t meeting reliability expectations – and upgrade them through reliability based conversions or rerates.


Several recent hardware enhancements are available to help operators get more out of their Sundyne equipment, including; 

  • Enhanced hydraulics
  • Updated gearbox models with significantly enhanced capacities
  • Use of different seal technology
  • Use of different material options.


Key Benefits of Sundyne Reliability Based Conversions/Rerates: 

  • Maximize production – a quick & cost effective way to boost efficiency
  • All conversions/rerates feature updated parts, including Sundyne’s latest seals & bearings
  • Improve pump efficiency and lower electrical consumption
  • Lower total lifecycle costs – via reduced maintenance intervals and improved uptime
  • A la carte quoting for any customer need – testing/certifications, hardware requirements, etc.
  • Cost effective solution compared to purchasing a new unit – from maintenance budgets rather than CAPEX.
  • Quicker delivery compared to a new unit – similar to part lead-times



Who should consider a Reliability Based Conversion?

  • Any machine requiring abnormally high parts consumption
  • Any unit not meeting site MTBF requirements
  • Any Pump operating over 20,000 RPM
  • Units where the operators have a “work around” to make the unit work
  • Any unit falling short of performance requirements (miss-sized, or running off the curve)
  • Any unit with unusually high vibration or excessive seal leakage.


Leverage the Performance Benefits of Sundyne’s latest technology today!

Let Sundyne’s experts investigate what’s happening with your Sundyne units – and learn first-hand how a Reliability Based Conversion will boost efficiency and enhance the bottom line. 

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