High Pressure Sunflo Pumps for Tank Truck Cleaning
Tank trucks are regularly driven to cleaning facilities to ensure that the containers are safely and properly cleaned. Selection of the cleaning procedure depends on the manifest (in liquid or powder form) contained in the tank.

High-pressure washing is performed using rotating washer heads suspended overhead and introduced into the tank via manholes. Sunflo pumps are integrally geared pumps that can quickly supply high pressure cleaning water (up to 100 bar) to the washer heads. The washing operation only takes a few minutes, which means that the pumps are turned on and off up to ten times per hour.

Sunflo pumps are ideally suited for this application, for the following reasons:

  1. They are capable of handling high temperature and additives (detergent, degreasers and sanitizers)
  2. They are not sensitive to frequent starts/stops
  3. They are not sensitive to large and frequent changes in water temperature, typically 60 to 200°F (15 to 95°C) 
  4. Sunflo pumps feature a compact design
  5. And they feature low break-away torque.
Single stage Sunflo pumps leverage the engineering knowledge and legacy of the Sundyne heavy duty API integrally geared pumps to create industrial grade pumps that save energy and water through efficient high-pressure pumping.

Sunflo pumps are simple to maintain and can be overhauled in minutes without having to remove the pump casing from the baseplate.
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