The Magnetic Drive Solution for Chemical & Industrial Applications

HMD Kontro’s new brochure details the latest enhancements to the CSA and CSI pumps, as well as the highly popular GSA and GSI models, including the recently updated high pressure, self-priming and vertical versions.

The new brochure describes HMD’s extensive history & experience in the chemical market and the provisioning of pumps for both the ASME and ISO standards – as HMD has been supplying pumps that meet these requirements since the ASME standard was introduced in 1997.

A section of the publication details several reasons why operators should choose a sealless magnetic drive pump. It describes how improved magnet drive technology enables more efficient and powerful pumps to be built. It discusses how advanced instrumentation and power saving features increase the application scope, and the overall value for the pumps.

And this brochure describes in detail containment options – such as the ZeroLoss containment shell and the VapourView gas-in-liquid detector, which are essential for many chemical processing applications.
To download a copy of the brochure please click here.

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