Sundyne’s Compact Design and Engineered Pump Packaging is a Winning Combination!
Sundyne was awarded a significant PO for a 625,000 ton P/A Polyethylene plant based in the Gulf Coast region. The project included 12 LMV high speed pumps in various sizes. The pumps were designed for multiple applications including Hexene and Butane services. The equipment specifications were governed by multiple API standards including API 610, API 682 and API 686.
The project specifications drove a high level of complexity within the pump and skid design. Additional considerations were given to the metallurgy of the equipment and its pressure retention capability. The skid layout was an area of particular attention as space on site was limited which played into the value proposition of Sundyne’s vertical OH6 style API610 machines. Safety, reliability and equipment performance were key drivers in the scoping of the equipment - due to the nature of the applications which are considered to be critical services.

From the feed execution stage to the time the equipment arrived on site, the project involved multiple Engineering Contractors. As the scope of the project evolved, the allotted space for the equipment didn’t expand in the plans which placed a premium on space. Enter Sundyne’s LMV (Line Mounted Vertical) product line and our package engineering expertise to the rescue. The end user had a very positive Sundyne pump experience with similar facilities and were comfortable with our products.
Additional details

  • Eighty Sundyne employees were involved in this project during the execution phase over the course of a year.
  • The Project Team processed nearly 200 document submittals to the customer.
  • The Project Team reviewed 160 different project specifications.
  • The Purchasing Department procured parts and services from over 50 different companies and sub-suppliers.
  • Detailed engineered drawings and package integration simplified installation at site.
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