Low Flow High Head Pumps in the Petrochemical Industry

Did you know Sundyne plays an integral part in the manufacturing of products that make modern life possible?

Sundyne’s pumps are used to make products ranging from paints to plastics, space suits to solar panels, medicines to mobile phones, and many others. Thousands of products are made from petrochemicals - which are building blocks for thermoplastics, such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene.  

Polyethylene is one of the most versatile and popular plastics in the world; it’s used in bags, bottles, containers, and other forms of packaging. Known for its flexibility, polypropylene is used in household goods such as utensils, athletic apparel, rugs and many other items. Another popular thermoplastic, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is derived from Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), a white crystalline commodity powder. Products from PTA include polyurethanes, powder coating resins, polyester fabrics, films and plastic bottles.

Sundyne’s integrally geared API 610 OH6 pumps are commonly used in the manufacturing processes for Polypropylene, Polyethylene and PTA. The most popular uses include:

  1. Propylene feed pump
  2. Ethylene feed pumps
  3. Terephthalic Acid feed pump

Sundyne OH6 pumps are the solution of choice for delivering low flows and high heads required by such services. The single-stage Barske impeller running at high speed offers the best efficiency available on the market. The vertical inline configuration of the Sundyne LMV pumps provides a small footprint compared to horizontal multistage pumps. The customized pairing of the impeller with an inducer offers low NPSH required for applications that demand it.

Sundyne offers the preferred solution for dissolver feed pumps to pump light slurry (Terephthalic Acid slurry with water) in the PTA manufacturing process. The open impeller blades and clearances allow for reliable operation.  

Sundyne offers the best all-around reliable solution for low flow high head applications in thermoplastics manufacturing processes. Features include:   

  • Simplicity of a single stage pump (LMV pumps)
  • Multistage performance in a single stage (LMV pumps)
  • Ability to pump light slurries due to open clearances
  • Pump operation at Best Efficiency Point
  • Low NPSH required achieved with impeller/inducer combination
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Ease of maintenance

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