The Marcellus and Utica shale plays supply natural gas to power plants throughout the North East, Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions.  Sundyne’s Pumps & Compressors are widely used in power plants for the following applications:
  1. Sundyne’s compressors are used as gas boosters in these plants, to boost the gas pressure from interstate pipelines or other sources of natural gas, up to the levels required to run turbines in an optimal fashion (at typically 250-750 psig).  Sundyne Fuel Gas Boosters are preferred for their oil-free, pulsation-free and most efficient compression in a compact package design.

  2. Sunflo pumps are also used in many of these power plants for water injection applications to provide NOx Suppression.

    Nitrogen Oxides
     are poisonous and highly reactive gases that form when various fuels are burned.  In gas-fired power plants, thermal NOx formation occurs at high flame temperatures, and it increases exponentially with combustion temperature.  One of the common methods used to minimize NOx formation is to reduce flame temperature by injecting demineralized water (at high pressure) into the flame.  This lowers temperature, reduces the local oxygen concentration and decreases the formation of thermal and fuel-bound NOx.  Sunflo Pumps are specifically designed for high pressure applications and any type of turbine (up to the latest class H or J).

  3. Power plants also use Sundyne’s line of Line Mounted Vertical (LMV) pumps to cool gas turbine intake air, augment power output, and improve efficiency (especially in hot climates with peak-demand periods). The LMV line is designed for high-head, low flow applications.  With nine different models in the line, plant operators can find the right combination of impeller, diffuser, and inducer geometry needed to optimize curve shape, Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH), runout horsepower, radial loading, and overall efficiency.

  4. Sundyne Horizontal Mounted Pumps (HMP) are selected by our customers to circulate the liquid (usually water), used to feed the turbine in combined cycle plants. The extremely high-head required by Boiler Feed Water applications is handled by Sundyne integrally-geared centrifugal pumps, which deliver the required NSHP in a very compact design.


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