Why Sundyne HMP Pumps are the Preferred Solution for PTA Production


Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) is a white crystalline commodity powder. It is an important organic compound that’s used as a precursor to thermoplastics, like PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Products from PTA include polyurethanes, powder coating resins, polyester fabrics, films and plastic bottles.

In the PTA production process, HP dissolver pumps transfer a slurry made up of 30% Terephthalic Acid (TA) and 70% water to the Dissolver/Reactor via several pre-heaters. The pumping requirements call for low flow and high head. Sundyne integrally geared multi-stage HMP pumps are the industry solution of choice for this service.

Sundyne HMP pumps are end suction, horizontal, high speed pumps that can safely reach extremely high pressures and will run reliably for 5 years without an overhaul. Up to four overhung impeller pump stages are powered by a single gearbox and motor - resulting in energy and space savings. Unlike conventional multi-stage pumps, Sundyne computer tailored hydraulics place the B.E.P. (Best Efficiency Point) at the rated point resulting in optimum efficiency. A single open face impeller with generous clearances, greatly limits the risk of PTA slurry plugging. This can be a problem in low speed pumps with many closed impellers on a single shaft. The high speed rotation of the impeller has the additional benefit of keepings the PTA/Water slurry well suspended.

The pictures below show an HMP-3000 pump, complete with motor & accessories. It recently shipped to a refinery for a PTA expansion project. It will operate in parallel with four existing HMP-3000 pumps to increase the plant output. This pump features two stages and is made of Duplex material. The Sundyne customer is extremely satisfied with the four existing pumps on site that have been in service since 2006.

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