Seal Arrangement Conversions

Many Sundyne pumps run with single seal arrangements while carrying dangerous fluids.  These seal arrangements can lead to increased insurance premiums or compliance issues with emissions and environment regulations.  Sundyne now offers a simple & affordable seal conversion program that helps reduce site emissions levels, improve environmental safety and reduce insurance premiums.

Key Benefits of Seal Arrangement Conversions:

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced emissions levels
  • Improved environmental safety
  • Reduced maintenance costs – fewer parts needed to convert to double or tandem seal arrangement
  • Wide variety of seal configurations available with updated data sheets and documentation.


Who Should Upgrade?  

  • All Sundyne pumps or compressors with single seal arrangements should consider an upgrade – specifically LMV-80X and LMX/BMX-3XX models.
  • EHS management personnel and reliability engineers who deal with local EHS requirements.
  • Plant sites without a seal alliance, as well as plant sites with a seal alliance.
  • Any plant currently paying increased insurance premiums due to single seal arrangements.

Now is a Good Time for Sundyne Channel Partners & End Users to Discuss Seal Arrangement Conversions:


Process conditions continue to change in many plants - as some facilities ramp up while others shift processes to address new priorities.  Tens-of-thousands of Sundyne pumps & compressors have been working dutifully in the field for decades – and these machines can benefit from a seal conversion. 


  • Channel Partners are consulting their customer databases to identify mature Sundyne installations that feature single seal configurations.
  • End users are increasingly allocating CAPEX budgets to upgrades on existing equipment (as opposed to buying new machines).


A Seal Arrangement Conversion delivers enhancements in efficiency, productivity and safety – with an ROI that is easy to calculate.  Sundyne’s channel partners have the materials in stock, so response times are quick, and end-users receive document revisions immediately with all conversions.



To learn more about Seal Arrangement Conversions, contact us today.

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