Why Sealless Pumps are Preferred for Chemical Processing Applications
While pumps utilizing mechanical seals play a key role in many applications, it’s no secret that whenever process conditions change, pumps can occasionally run outside of their designed parameters, and this can lead to stress on the seals, which can cause problems elsewhere in the pump. When planning a new installation, CAPEX for the seal support system is considerable. After installation, OPEX for seal monitoring & maintenance activities is unavoidable.

Sealless pumps eliminate the seal and associated support systems, providing an economical, reliable and leak-free solution for handling toxic or hazardous liquids.

The Top 10 Advantages that Magnetic Drive Sealless Pumps offer versus sealed designs:

  1. No seals & no seal support systems
  2. Complete fluid containment
  3. Zero emissions
  4. Reduced installation costs
  5. Reduced maintenance costs
  6. Longer MTBF intervals
  7. Maintenance time/skills can be used elsewhere
  8. No EPA monitoring/documentation
  9. Improved operator safety
  10. Protection for the environment
Who Should Consider Switching from Sealed to Sealless Pumps?

  • Applications with legislative & liability risk compliance
  • Units needing to improve reliability
  • Duties that are hard to seal
  • Applications/fluids that react with moisture/air
  • Any plant seeking to meet higher MTBF goals

What are the Benefits of Switching to Sealless Pumps?

Removal of the Mechanical Seal:

  • No product leakage
  • Compact footprint with no alignment issues
  • Higher MTBF

Cost Savings:

  • Significantly Cheaper Installation Costs
  • No seal support system and utilities
  • Less instrumentation
  • Less Maintenance & lower total cost of ownership

Mitigation of Risk:

  • Less operator intervention
  • Zero leaks so zero environmental impact

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