Splined to Coupled Conversions Increase Motor Application Flexibility and Streamline Maintenance
Splines are the ridges (or teeth) on a drive shaft. They’re designed to mesh with the grooves on a gear hub. Torque is transferred when the male splines on the shaft match with the female splines on the gearbox. Spline shafts are designed to match to specific motors, which are mounted (and locked in) directly on top of the gearbox. This arrangement provides a specific fit that does not require re-alignments. However (in many instances) this is limited to 100 HP gearboxes.

Many Sundyne customers are taking advantage of gearbox exchanges and refurbishments – and in the process, they’re reaping additional benefits by converting from a splined to a coupled arrangement. Doing so offers the following benefits:

Increased Motor Application Flexibility - proprietary motors are no longer required:
  • Coupling provides compatibility with standard motors – many of which are already stocked at the customer’s premise.
  • This flexibility reduces or eliminates motor replacement lead times.

Streamlined Maintenance:

  • Coupling internals are more economical to repair than motor & bearings.
  • Coupling offers a longer life and improved reliability for numerous parts.
  • Coupling absorbs misalignment & dissipates energy.
  • And Coupling absorbs start-up input force shock.

Additional Benefits for Converting:

  • Coupling is used on all Sundyne gearbox-driven equipment greater than 100HP.
  • Limited only by the gearbox power limit.
  • Allows for bump starting - disconnecting of the motor from the gearbox.
  • Provides the ability to verify motor rotation prior to startup w/o engaging the gearbox: this is important on models where motor rotation must be correct for internal oil pump operation (i.e. 33XN).
  • Coupling also increases motor bearing life.

Six Components to a Coupled Conversion:

Any Sundyne customer scheduling, or considering a gearbox exchange/upgrade should click here to inquire about adding a coupling upgrade.

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