The strengths that have made Sundyne a success for more than 70 years – dependability, reliability, safety and the uncompromising performance of Sundyne pumps & compressors has created new opportunities - as virtually every industry transitions to cleaner and more sustainable forms of production.  Sundyne has also recently cultivated new business opportunities in the following markets: 

  1. CO2 Capture & Sequestration - pumps & compressors are used to manage captured CO2 by injecting it (in liquid or gaseous phase) into capped wells or designated mines.  Sundyne also helps energy companies re-use captured CO2 to manufacture fuels, polymers and chemicals.
  2. Hydrogen Fueling Stations – compressors boost Hydrogen pressure from electrolyzer levels (20 bar) to levels required by industrial vehicles (more than 700 bar) in a safe manner. 
  3. Rare Earth Mineral Mining & Production – Sundyne pumps are used for a variety of dewatering and dust suppression applications.   
  4. Water & Wastewater Treatment – Sundyne pumps are used to treat and transfer water & wastewater in municipal and industrial water treatment plants.
  5. Lithium Ion Battery Production for Electric Vehicles - Sundyne’s pumps handle the harsh & aggressive chemicals needed to coat electrode surfaces on lithium ion battery cells.  
  6. COVID 19 Vaccines – the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies use Sundyne pumps to move cooling mediums through freeze driers that store vaccines

Sundyne is committed to providing a 100% safe-working environment for its employees.  Sundyne’s Arvada location is an OSHA VPP Star rated site.  OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) promotes effective worksite-based safety.  To be VPP Star Rated, management, labor and OSHA establish cooperative relationships that are based on a comprehensive safety & health management system.  Approval into VPP is OSHA’s official recognition of the outstanding efforts of employers and employees that achieve exemplary occupational safety and health.

To learn more about Sundyne’s 6-sigma manufacturing expertise in Arvada, Colorado – or to learn more about how Sundyne’s technology is being used in the applications listed above, contact Sundyne today.


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