Switching to Sealless
Fit For Purpose – Sealless May Be the Best Pumps for Your Plant
Eastbourne UK – March 2021: Sealless pump technology has been around for many years, yet there remains a seeming reluctance to specify them for certain chemical pumping application

Darren Martin, Global Product Line Manager for HMD Kontro Sealless Pumps, the pioneers of magnetic drive pump technology, at Sundyne, explains why specifiers should give sealless pumps a second look for chemical processes.

Magnetic drive pumps have evolved to become a cost-effective and above all safe option for the transfer of fluids including those that are toxic, pungent, extremely hot or cold, corrosive or otherwise hazardous.

Often seen as the more expensive choice, when looked at as a whole-life proposition, sealless pumps are in fact a highly cost-effective alternative.

The latest article at Fluid Handling Pro, contributed by our own Darren Martin, examines how different pumps measure up across the issues faced by modern process plant operators and invites you to take a second look at sealless pumps.  Click here or on the image to the right to learn more:

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