Sundyne Highlights the Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Aspects of its Pumps & Compressors at Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia
December 14-16



Sundyne will be exhibiting at the upcoming TPS 2021 event. Our 20' X 40' booth will feature numerous pumps & compressors that are widely used in chemical, refining, petrochemical and power generation applications. At the show, we’ll also highlight the ES&G aspects of numerous applications, such as:

Natural Gas Processing – Did you know that natural gas brings 70% less carbon to the power generation process than oil does? The successful transition from oil to natural gas (started decades ago) has done more to lower the U.S’ carbon footprint than any other activity. Visitors to the Sundyne booth (#1935) can see the Sundyne LF2820 compressor to learn why it’s well suited for natural gas processing, and also, how it’s efficiency enables operators to save money on operating costs.

LNG - U.S. LNG exports have increased in 2021. According to the EIA – the U.S. is exporting more than 11 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d), representing a 46% increase from 2020’s average of 7.5 Bcf/d. All of the U.S. gulf-coast LNG exporters use Sundyne’s compressors in their facilities, as do other LNG providers in the Middle East, and in Asia.

Hydrogen – Today, Natural Gas remains the primary source for hydrogen gas – which is finding numerous uses in power grid and mobility applications. In power generation, Hydrogen and Ammonia are increasingly being used in gas turbines. At TPS, Sundyne will showcase the Sundyne LF Compressors, and demonstrate how they’re well-suited to compress hydrogen for power gen applications. We’ll also identify several reasons why thPPI Diaphragm Compressors are uniquely designed to address the challenges associated with compressing H2 from low pressure levels (such as electrolyser outlet pressure) up to the 350 or 700 bar levels that are required by today’s vehicles that run on Hydrogen.

Electric Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Production – for years, Sundyne’s pumps have been used by the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturers to pump the harsh & aggressive polymers that are needed to coat battery electrodes. At the show, we’ll showcase the HMD CSA/CSI pumps, as well as the ANSIMAG pumps that are used in these processes, and we’ll discuss how to select the appropriate materials of construction for pumps used in these processes.

Join us at booth #1935 on December 14-16, 2021 at the George R. Brown Conference Center. Registration for the exhibition is free Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon!

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