Advantages of the Sundyne LMV (Line Mounted Vertical) Pump Line
Sundyne API 610, OH6 Integrally Gear Driven Pumps are engineered for critical high-head, low-flow, heavy-duty services required in the hydrocarbon, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, gas production, and specialty processing industries.


Features and Benefits
  • Reliable proven gearbox

  • Excellence in design, manufacturing and quality

  • Output shaft supported by plain or tilt-pad journal bearings

  • Pinion shaft assembly designed for minimum bearing span to overhang ratio (L/D)

  • Self-contained lube system

  • Gearbox Exchange Program
  • Thousands of units installed since 1962 with outstanding service

  • AGMA Class 11 Gears
  • Wide range of ratios enabling impeller speed to be matched to process requirements

  • Stable rotordynamics

  • Reduced radial loading
  • Low vibration

  • Reliable, trouble-free operation is obtained from the integral lubrication system which provides controlled pressurized oil flow to the bearings and gears.  The lubrication system includes a wet sump, integral oil filter and internal positive displacement pump which is driven by the input shaft.  Additional items such as auxiliary pre-lube oil pump (required on some configurations, heat exchanger (water or air), pressure/temperature switches, vibration detection system, etc. are also available.

  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Minimizes downtime
  • Allows purchasing and maintenance to be used more productively


​Features and Benefits
  • ​Single-Stage

  • Custom Hydraulics

  • Fewer Wetted Parts

  • Simple Seal Housing

  • Generous Clearances

  • Stable Performance

  • State-of-Art Inducers

  • Replacement Diffusers (Except LMV-322)

  • Heavy Duty Casing

  • Axial Seal (LMV-313/333 and BMP-338 only)

  • Internal Centrifugal Separator

  • Installation Economy
  • Multi-stage performance with single-stage simplicity
  • Compact size
  • Easily maintained

  • Computer optimized hardware to fit the exact design requirements
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Minimizes radial loading

  • Minimizes costly special metallurgy

  • One seal  housing accepts single, double, or tandem seal arrangements
  • Easily converted in the field

  • 0.030" (0.76mm) nominal clearances eliminates need for impeller casing wear rings
  • Fewer wearing parts
  • No performance degradation, maintains as-built efficiency
  • Dry running capability, can handle process upsets with double seals
  • No mechanical adjustment required

  • Z-series hardware provides rising curve to shut-off
  • Minimum flows to 35% of B.E.P.

  • Superior NPSHr Performance
  • Suction tuned design for cavitation free operation
  • High suction specific speed capability

  • Allows simple field conversions for process changes

  • 600# flanges standard (900# flanges available on LMV-311 and 331)
  • Suction pressures to 1000 psig

  • Patented non-contact axial seal minimizes leakage while providing large radial clearances
  • Withstands temporary loss of suction without seizing

  • Available on most models
  • Integral to pump case for simplicity
  • Eliminates external piping
  • Provides clean flush to process seal for longer life

  • Most models available either vertical or horizontal mounted to fit plant construction requirements
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