Sundyne Pumps in Light Hydrocarbon Applications
Light hydrocarbons are found in Gas processing (NGL) plantsPetrochemical plants and Refineries.

Light hydrocarbons Alkanes (CnH2n+2) & Alkenes (CnH2n) are the most common fluids pumped in a Sundyne pump. Typical applications include olefin production, distillate production, reflux, gas processing and NGL fractionation.

Services in these applications frequently require low flow & high head and involve low specific gravity liquids with high vapor pressure. If the suction pressure, temperature rise and NPSHr/NPSHa are not carefully managed, it could cause cavitation in the pump. 

Sundyne is the world expert at designing pumps with inducers and carefully matched hydraulics that ensure proper operation for “bubble point” liquids and avoid cavitation.

The most common causes of pump failure are seals and bearings. Sundyne has solutions to eliminate or improve the life of the seals and bearings.

Carefully designed API 682 cartridge seals, seal support systems and different bearing configurations are used to generate higher MTBM.

Sealless magnetic drive pumps that eliminate both seals and loaded bearings, drastically improving the MTBM of the machine.  The sealless version is available with a ZeroLoss™ containment shell that reduces power loss in the magnetic coupling to zero, eliminating heat input to the liquid.

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