SundWASH High Pressure Washdown Systems for the Food and Beverage Industries
Plant, maintenance & sanitation managers in the food processing industry require high pressure washdown systems for cleaning & sanitation, odor control, dust suppression and a wide range of other processing applications. High pressure is the key to efficiency, and the ability to boost pressure on demand enables operators to clean faster, conserve water, use fewer chemicals and save money.
Sundyne’s new brochure explains how SundWash high-pressure systems enable operators to deliver superior cleaning results compared to low pressure systems, while using significantly less water and less time.  It also quantifies how plants can save thousands of dollars in just in the first year of operation.

All SundWASH systems are “Made in the USA” with a long history that dates back to 1970.  Experience gained at thousands of deployments over the last 50+ years have made SundWASH high-pressure systems the preferred choice for pumping hot water, soapy water, and caustic cleaning solutions required bythe food & beverage industry. 
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