ACHEMA 2022 was a Tremendous Success for our Customers, Partners and Prospects!

Thank you to the city of Frankfurt and to the producers of ACHEMA 2022 - for a great week that assembled a wide audience of Sundyne customers, channel partners and prospects that were interested in learning more about Sundyne’s pumps & compressors.

We spent 5 productive days at ACHEMA, talking to process engineers responsible for handling some of the harshest gases and liquids on the planet. The rotating equipment we showed in the booth is specifically designed to address the flow & pressure requirements, as well as the material handling characteristics of the chemicals most commonly used in the process industries.


The requirements for pumps & compressors that were most commonly cited by visitors to our booth included:

Leak-Free Handling via Sealless Pump Designs:
Many of the chemicals used in the process industries are human carcinogens, and for the pumps handling these substances, leaks must be avoided at all costs. Sundyne’s wide range of sealless magnetic drive pumps stop leaks and eliminate emissions to the atmosphere, offering a cleaner working environment with a reduced probability of accidents.

Chemical Resistance:
Precursor materials can be toxic and aggressive, so the pumps used should feature corrosion-resistant containment shells. Lined pumps with ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) containment shells are a good option, and for higher temperature applications, metallic pumps (including stainless steel, alloy 20 or alloy C) with silicon carbide internal bearings round out Sundyne’s comprehensive portfolio for the process industries.

Product Purity:
When it comes to processing Hydrogen, diaphragm compressors are preferred, because they ensure that the process gas is isolated from the hydraulic oil. This type of compressor design provides absolute process purity, which is critical for applications like Hydrogen fuel cells – because even the slightest contamination can damage the fuel cell. When it comes to mobility applications, a High Compression Ratio is also required, to elevate Hydrogen up to the levels required (500 bar in many cases) by industrial vehicles or busses that run on Hydrogen.

In addition to the pumps & compressors that were on display in the booth, we also featured an array of Digital Content, that provided attendees with extensive details on other Sundyne products used in the Chemical, Industrial and Renewable markets. Our digital kiosks were a big hit, and we plan to continue evolving our digital content at future shows.
 We’re looking forward to returning to Frankfurt for ACHEMA 2024.

Anyone interested in further details on the pumps & compressors we showcased at ACHEMA can obtain further information by contacting us.
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