Sundyne Integrally Geared Centrifugal Pumps Play a Key Role in Residue Upgradation Facility

Residue upgradation is a process that helps refineries maximize the returns out of every barrel of oil. Refinery residue is the hydrocarbon oil remaining after distillates have been removed from petroleum. It is considered a low-value waste, also known as the “bottom of the barrel”. The residue can be upgraded to fuels of higher value such as diesel, Naphta and LPG. Residue upgradation processes are increasingly important in today’s economy, as refineries seek to maximize efficiency. They also remove harmful contaminants such as metals, sulfur, carbon residue and nitrogen that lead to harmful emissions. Residue upgradation technologies allow refineries to process larger quantities of heavy, high sulfur, lower priced crudes, resulting in increased feedstock flexibility and profitability.

A modernization project at a refinery includes the installation of new residue upgradation units to process the refinery’s vacuum residue. Chevron Lummus Global license was selected for the residue upgradation. The refinery contacted Sundyne for a solution to their need for API compliant high-pressure water injection pumps. Sundyne’s integrally geared centrifugal pumps (HMP) are ideal for this application that requires a low flow and a high head. Sundyne optimizes the pump hydraulics to achieve the best efficiency, curve shape, NPSH, and radial loading to provide an economical and reliable operation. In this case, two high-speed stages in series are used to produce the required head. Sundyne’s HMP pumps offer a compact, simple and reliable design compared to other multistage pump technologies, which was very attractive to the refinery.

Sundyne is proud to contribute its high-speed pump technology to the new residue upgradation facility because this project is valuable to both the refinery and the environment.

HMP pumps have a long and successful track record with fertilizer, PTA and Urea applications. They are also widely used to pump hydrocarbons and propylene.

The photos depict one of the HMP-3000 pump packages that fulfill the high-pressure water injection service at the residue upgradation facility.


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