Learn How the Entire Sundyne Product Family Supports Chemical & Petrochemical Applications
Pumps and compressors play a critical role in chemical processing applications. They move the precursor materials needed to make thousands of products that people use every day. For anyone interested in CPI applications involving: Chlor-Alkali, plastics and polymers, isocyanates, polycarbonates, fine/inorganic specialty chemicals, water treatment, agricultural chemicals or any petrochemical processing application, this new brochure/white paper examines the challenges & requirements that pumps and compressors must address for these applications.

Sundyne’s latest brochure includes:
  • A timeline of Sundyne’s milestones in the CPI
  • A breakdown of specific CPI applications supported by Sundyne’s pumps & compressors
  • A product Taxonomy connecting Sundyne products to specific applications
  • A one-stop-shop for sealless pumps for any CPI application
  • Commentary explaining the value of engineered solutions
  • ESG thoughts for CPI applications
  • Aftermarket services for all Sundyne equipment
  • A summation of Sundyne’s overall value proposition for the CPI
  • And details & specifications for the following products:
    • ANSIMAG sealless ETFE-lined pumps
    • HMD Kontro sealless metallic pumps
    • Sundyne direct drive API 610 pumps
    • Sundyne single & multi stage integrally-geared API pumps
    • Sundyne sealless mag-drive API 685 pumps
    • Marelli heavy duty API 610 and ISO process pumps
    • Sunflo industrial grade pumps
    • Sundyne API 617 & 618 centrifugal & diaphragm compressors


Click Here to Download the Brochure

To learn more about Sundyne’s value proposition for CPI applications, read the entire piece by clicking here.

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