HMP-3000 Pumps for Critical Service Deployed at a new Propylene Plant

Propylene is a flammable hydrocarbon (C3H6) that comes from petroleum. Large quantities of propylene are used to make resins, fibers and elastomers, as well as hundreds of other chemical products.

When a large propylene producer in Asia was building a new plant, they approached Sundyne for the most critical pumps in their process - the propylene feed pumps. They believed this service should only be trusted to Sundyne pumps, due to their needs for exceptional reliability.

The solution for this application is Sundyne multistage integrally geared HMP pumps. The propylene feed service requires low flow and high heads. Sundyne integrally-geared pumps are particularly well suited for this application. For heads up to 6,300 ft (1,921 m), single-stage vertical inline LMV pumps have been widely used for years.

When the head exceeds the capability of a single stage pump, Sundyne offers multistage integrally geared pumps: the HMP model. The Barske impeller running at high speed offers the best efficiency available on the market. The customized pairing of the impeller with an inducer offers low NPSH required for such applications.

The photos depict HMP-3000 multistage pump packages. Two pump stages operate in series to achieve the required high head. An inducer is used on the first stage to meet the process limited NPSHa.
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