Sundyne Integrally Geared Pumps in High Pressure Water Applications


Sundyne integrally geared pumps are widely used in refineries and petrochemical plants where they typically handle low density, high vapor pressure hydrocarbons. They’re also used in high-pressure water applications. In the late 1950’s, the Sundstrand Corporation aerospace division developed a sophisticated compact high pressure water injection pump for the Boeing 707 aircraft engine. Sundstrand engineers recognized the opportunity for this new technology in other markets and designed heavy-duty integrally geared pumps and compressors for uses outside of the aerospace industry.

The high efficiency, compactness, and ease of maintenance of Sundyne’s LMV pumps make them ideal to supply high pressure boiler feed water, seal water or wash water in any plant. With a single stage running at high speed, they produce the same performance as multistage centrifugal between-bearing pumps. The small footprint results in a lower installation cost. The single impeller and simple build contribute to a lower spares inventory. The impeller is custom-sized for every application and the hydraulics can be easily re-rated, if needed over time. For higher pressures or flows, Sundyne integrally geared multistage HMP pumps have also been successfully used in water injection applications.

The picture below shows two Sundyne LMV-336N pumps ready to provide high-pressure seal water for pressurized double seals on agitators at a Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) plant. The plant is in Europe, so the pumps fully comply with ATEX requirements. In this application, the weight of the motor required additional support that was added to the baseplate. Two additional OH6 pumps were shipped to the PTA plant to supply high-pressure seal water to Sundyne's own HMP pumps.

In services where compliance with the API 610 standard is not required, Sunflo industrial grade integrally geared pumps are an alternative to Sundyne LMV pumps. They offer the same compactness, high efficiency and reliability. They are typically used in applications such as boiler feed, NOx suppression, reverse osmosis, or high pressure wash down applications that are common to power generation, maritime, transportation or food & beverage industries.

1950’s original high pressure injection pump

Sunflo industrial integrally geared pump

LMV-336N pumps for supply of high-pressure seal water

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