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Modern Pumping Today Magazine Names SundWASH Prime™ to its list of Top Products

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Sundyne’s SundWASH Prime Delivers Constant High-Pressure Water-on-Demand for Centralized Cleaning and Washdown Systems

Sundyne’s industrial grade Sunflo pumps have a proven track record for providing exceedingly high pressure in an energy-efficient, compact footprint. For decades, Sunflo pumps have been widely used in high pressure washdown applications that are common to power generation, maritime, transportation or food & beverage industries.


In 2019, Sundyne introduced SundWASH™ high-pressure wash-down packages that combined the power of Sunflo pumps with motors, motor starters, Pre-Programed Logic Controllers (PLC), flow meters, recirculation control valves, temperature switches and piping – to create turnkey SundWASH systems for food & beverage applications.


Today, the SundWASH system has been enhanced via the new SundWASH Prime, which is a fully integrated, pre-engineered system that can be configured to any process requirement. SundWASH Prime provides constant high-pressure water-on-demand for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Food & Beverage Cleaning Systems
  • Industrial Spray and Washing Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Ultra-Filtration Systems
  • Boiler Feed Systems.
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SundWASH Prime delivers constant, pulsation-free pressure on demand. There is no waiting for pressure to build up, and there are no drops in pressure. SundWASH Prime’s Integrated Variable Frequency Drive adapts to changing operational requirements, and it can support multiple operation modes.



The newly redesigned SundWASH Prime system consists of: 

  • Sunflo High Pressure Pump

  • Energy Efficient VFD control

  • Constant, pulsation-free pressure on demand

  • Low Flow/High Flow protection

  • Field adjustable settings

  • Ethernet communication with site DCS

  • 316SS Construction

  • 1-4 Pump Configurations.


  • Intelligent minimum flow by-pass (opens only when required)

  • Automatic stand-by and sleep modes

  • Field adjustable and field serviceable

  • Maintenance made easy. No need to remove pump

    from the system

  • Communication with site DCS for back-office control of

    system – via Ethernet protocols

  • Energy Efficient – NEMA Premium Efficient motor.

  • Small Footprint.

Technical Data

  • 1 to 4 pump configurations

  • Capacity up to 2,000 GPM

  • Head: 2,800 ft. max

  • Pressure: 1,000 PSI max

  • Inlet Pressure: 32 to 140°F (300°F with

    external cooling)

  • Pump & Manifold construction: 316SS

  • Control panel and VDF enclosure: NEMA 12 or NEMA 4x.

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Water demands at food & beverage plants vary widely, making it difficult for single pumps to meet demand – but SundWASH Prime systems scale as needed without compromising on performance. Boosting pressure increases efficiency, enabling operators to get the job done with less water and fewer chemicals.


In addition to high pressure, SundWASH Prime systems are easy to maintain. One person with one wrench can repair the pump in less than one hour – saving operators time while reducing labor costs. To learn more about the new SundWASH Prime, visit

To learn more contact Sundyne today.  

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