Trust Sundyne Genuine Parts for Better Performance, Efficiency and Uptime

Do Not Trust Imitation Parts:

While it may be tempting to pay a little less for non-OEM replacement parts – it’s important to consider the hidden costs of using replicated parts. Any money saved up front on pirated parts will ultimately lead to increased costs for repairs and increased energy consumption.

Precise tolerances are key to the performance of Sundyne pumps or compressors. Even the smallest variance can generate inefficiencies within a process flow. Using non-OEM components increases the risk of equipment failure, but these risks can be avoided by using Sundyne Genuine Parts. Sundyne parts are machined accurately using advanced metallurgies and they are custom engineered to fit each specific machine. These precise tolerances are backed by decades of testing and development.

Highest Standards for Quality:

Sundyne has recently invested millions of dollars in new tooling and permanent molding to improve the quality and the strength of Sundyne parts. This results in a reduction in porosity and improves structural integrity leading to extended maintenance intervals. The manufacturing processes of unlicensed fabricators fall short of Sundyne’s standards. They cannot duplicate the tolerances designed into Sundyne products – and non-OEM parts are not checked for dimensional integrity and accurate installation fit.

Costs/Risks of using Non-Sundyne Parts:

  • Costly Process Downtime
  • Liability Exposure
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Environmental Impact
  • Part Replacement Costs
  • Repair Costs
  • Intensified Vibration Levels
  • Increased Noise
  • Higher Energy Consumption
  • Increased NPSH Requirements
  • Rework and Recycle Needs
  • Fit and Assembly Problems

Why Customers should use Sundyne Genuine Parts:

  • Guaranteed Reliability
  • Built to OEM Specs & Tolerances
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Certified Materials of Construction
  • Engineering & Troubleshooting Support
  • OEM Field Service Support
  • Improved Component Life
  • Easier Installation & Onsite Repair
  • Superior Surface Finish/Flatness
  • Warranty Protection

Warranty Protection:

It is critical that customers understand the dangers and risks of using replicator parts in Sundyne machines. Genuine Service and Parts are warranted, and their exclusive use protects the original warranty on existing Sundyne equipment. Additionally, using non-OEM parts can jeopardize ATEX certification and SIL – Safety Integrity Level.

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If you have any questions about where your Sundyne equipment should be running, contact Sundyne today to schedule a site audit, where expert Sundyne engineers can evaluate how to maximize your time between overhauls. Every overhaul provides an opportunity to re-rate and upgrade existing equipment to the latest design improvements.

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