Employees and Channel Partners can use the Newly Updated Print-On-Demand tool to order White Papers, Posters, Brochures and other Sales Collateral

Access to Sundyne POD (Print-On-Demand)

Sundyne Channel Partners and Employees may access the newly updated POD (Print-On-Demand) section of the Sundyne website by clicking here.

If you have previously registered with the Sundyne website as a Channel Partner or Employee, simply enter your login and the provided password specifically for POD.

If you have never registered with the Sundyne website as a Channel Partner or Employee, please click here to access the registration form and start the process. Please note, as POD is a secure site, it may take up to 48 hours to complete the registration process. Channel Partners should ensure that they select “Channel Partner” in the Relationship to Sundyne pull-down and NOT Customer.

Navigating the POD Program and Sundyne Print Center

The POD program access and visibility is driven strictly by each Channel Partner’s entitlements to the specific product lines represented.

  1. To specifically order the whitepapers, first click on the Product Literature window.
  2. Next, click the [+] Brochures line
  3. Click on Industry Whitepapers
  4. Using the standard storefront provided, select the whitepaper brochure you wish to order. Note: each Channel Partner has the choice of a Non-Customizable version and a Customizable version. The Customizable version allows each Channel Partner to add their company logo and address to the document.

A word of caution on ordering quantities. The purpose of Print-On-Demand is to hold minimum stock of documents to avoid waste whenever a document is updated. You are encouraged to order only what you need for the short-term and re-order as often as required to insure you have the latest updated documents available. Suggested order quantities are from 10 to 25 copies.

PLEASE NOTE: The POD (Print-On-Demand) program on www.sundyne.com is available only to authorized Sundyne Channel Partners and direct Employees. If you are a Sundyne Customer, the white papers are available upon request through your local authorized Sundyne Channel Partner. Locate the nearest Sundyne authorized Channel Partner here.

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